Lionel Cruet

Webcam Desktop Views (Twilight), 2014, video installation, TRT 3:00 min looped, projected on raw canvas 48 x 70 inches, Limited Edition 3 © Lionel Cruet, 2014.



Connections: Between Life and Death, 2013, video installation, TRT 1:20 min looped, projected on raw canvas 36 x 48 x 2.5 inches, Limited Edition 3 © Lionel Cruet, 2013.


Connections: Between Life and Death is an installation of an image projected onto a white canvas. The image is a deconstruction of the landscape that is the default desktop image for Microsoft Windows XP. The video shows how the computer alters the landscape, turning it into purely abstract forms. The lines, colors, and rhythm are based on an arbitrary selection of the system. The composition of the image recalls the early art historical stages of constructivism and abstraction. Finally, the canvas is intended to suggest the relationship of painting and new media, a kind of portrait of a system and the abstract representation of its demise.

The selections of images are installation shots of hybrid artworks. They are raw canvases with videos projections on them. Each of the artworks deal with the formalism of painting, while presenting a digital deconstructed and manipulated set of images in a time based installation.