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Bestiario (Menagerie): A Group Show, at the Adobe Book Gallery in San Francisco, curated by Ángel Rafael Vázquez Concepción Cranium Corp.

2da Bienal Tropical 2016 San Juan, Puerto Rico

VideoBardo 2016 video poesía Bueno Aires, Argentina

ROtaTive RepOSiToRy of Latin American Video Art, New Latin Wave

Armario Local article

The Lucky Jotter


Puerto Rico Art News

Live Taos


Intangible Sites, 2016, audiovisual installation in storage container, 8' x 10' x 8'. © Lionel Cruet, 2016.

I Intangible Sites is an immersive environment in a mobile container that displays reflections through images and sounds collected from the immigrant community of New Mexico. The installation functions as a portal that responds to the people that inhabit this geographical area, allowing them to connect their experiences using metaphors found in the natural landscape. The integration of images and audio gives the project and overall look that is very particular of the American southwest. This project was possible thanks to the community partners from the Adult Learning Center, University of New Mexico in Taos and also Thankfully sponsored by The PASEO Project, The PFLAG Foundation and the Foundation for Contemporary Art.


From April to August 2016, I was part of the AIM program with The Bronx Museum for the Arts.

Floods Aftermath and Other Hurricane Stories, 2015, (installation view) paint on blue tarp, 6 x 8' © Lionel Cruet, 2015


In June 2016, I participated of a group exhibition entitled, INCITE//INSIGHT in CoLab Factory, Brooklyn, NY. The exhibition was curated by Audra Lambert and it's a contemporary approach on the impact of insight in the arts and startup communities. INCITE//INSIGHT highlights the significance of revelation as a transformative tool but revealing the artist's' surprising and unexpected juxtapositions of material and concepts.

In June of 2016, art:i:curate in London published an interview In Conversation with Lionel Cruet.


In April 2016 I was invited by La Escuela de Artes Plasticas San Juan Puerto Rico to present an artist talk on The Dispossession of the the Artistic Practice through Open Calls, and Artist Applications.


In February of 2016, designboom published an article on the project Intangible Space.




In the beginning of the year 2015, I was featured in the publication Made in Mind Magazine. I took part in an exciting interview about my artistic practice and my process. Please check the following link for the issuu version, or the following one to request a printed edition.

In addition, the studio produced a limited printed publication of a portfolio that includes a brief selection of recent projects.

In June of 2015, my work was included in an exciting group exhibition entitled Colonial Comfort, curated by Lisa Ladner at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Puerto Rico. The exhibition explored the concept of 'comfort' as a disassociated word used to describe the colonial status of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. Before it was mounted in Puerto Rico, the exhibition was on view in the Caribbean Museum Center for the Arts in St. Croix. One of the images below shows my work in situ; the other shows me giving an artist tour to a visiting group from the Caribbean Cultural Center for African Diaspora in New York.

I then spent six weeks in Vermont, where I collaborated with Burlington City Arts for its artist residency program. In Burlington, I developed a project around topics related to the behavior of Latin culture and social economics using video installation.

The research extended into a series of paintings on blue tarps of properties flooded and stranded in the middle of the environment.

In September 2015, The Saltonstall Foundation for the Arts awarded me a fellowship, so I was thrilled to travel to Ithaca, New York, after a brief trip back to New York. As a resident artist at Saltonstall, I researched economic systems in the Caribbean, and explored the points at which cultures and individuals in the region are transformed by those systems. The result of that research is The Shade of a Paradise, which I made using photographs and news articles on the Caribbean island's economic crisis.


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