Scattered Sky Scattered Sky ii Scattered Sky iii Scattered Sky iv

Scattered Sky, 2017, three digital prints, wood frames and shelves, dimensions, overall 42 x 36 inches © Lionel Cruet, 2018. Max Yawney Photography

Scattered Sky

Scattered Sky, composed of three digital prints taken from sections of a larger wallpaper mural. This piece can be arranged in multiple orientations. The images used in the piece are film printed images of the sky that the artist has hand-cut and arranged over a scanner to create a scanography. The intention behind the piece is to comment on the fragility of the skies in the midst of climate change and the abyss and chaos that can be related to the image. The artist presents this concept in a decorative and playful manner for the audience to engage with yet to question the role of the viewer with the act of play on a serious topic.