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The Shade of Paradise II, 2016, installation view of a digital photo collage printed on vinyl and stretched on aluminum frames, 48 x 48 inches each, edition of 3, © Lionel Cruet, 2017. Image by Lionel Cruet Studio

The Shade of Paradise II

The Shade of Paradise II is a series of digital collages on vinyl that are installed as free-standing pieces in the gallery space. The collages are designed to be viewed from multiple angles as the audience can see them by turning in a 360-degree axis. The imagery on each collage is composed of sections of images that aim to create relationships among them. Tropical vegetation, shadows, music, religious items, and sensual imagery are among the selection of images used to create these collages. The installation is designed to be interactive and immersive, inviting the viewer to engage with the pieces and explore the connections and relationships within the imagery and their own perceptions of paradise.