Lionel Cruet

Artist Statement


The mediums that I approach in my practice are life sized immersive audiovisual installations, endurance body performances against the epitome of characters in the illusion of media information, experimental printing processes, sound arrangements in space and videos that attempt to connect multi-referential social subjects.The juxtaposition of content and dynamics of power in the artworks are connected creating paradoxical points. Images of obscure natural spaces, storage containers, voices of proclamations in the void, disparities of imagery and content, become the aesthetics of the work.

My creative process starts by questioning a social situation that triggers rigorous research method using recollection, and re-contextualization of data through sources of news videos, articles, and images. In the process I include elements of collaboration with the audiences, organizations and communities that become part of the artwork. I am fundamentally interested in reframing the use or uses of art, media chaos, commenting on austerity and dispossession, using the act of testimonial speculation to understand the complex realities that we all live.