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Entre Nosotros (Between Us), 2017, audiovisual installation, hammocks and hanging lights, variable dimension © Lionel Cruet 2017. Image by Tom Stoelker

Entre Nosotros I (Between Us)

Entre Nosotros (Between Us) an audio-visual and interactive installation that recreates the illusion of a beach environment in an indoor space using video projections on the beach waves around the walls of the space and various elements such as the sound the ocean, a floor of sand and elevated hammocks with lights create an immersive and reflective space that reminded us of the intimate and yet universal experience of gathering in the place where the land and the ocean meets.

Lincoln Center Education brought Lionel Cruet into the Community Artist Residency program, which aims to build social connections, facilitate collaboration, and create more opportunities for arts participation and creation in community-based settings across the city.

This project was possible thanks to the support of Lincoln Center Education and Lincoln Square Neighborhood Center in New York, NY.