Paradise Interference Paradise Interference ii Paradise Interference iii Paradise Interference iv Paradise Interference v Paradise Interference vi

Interference, 2018, full view and detail of painted vegetation mural with seven digital photo collages 12 x 12 inch and 8 x 10 inch, multiple dimensions © Lionel Cruet 2018. Image by Art


Interference, installation where a wall has been transformed into a dark shadow of tropical vegetation, displaying a collection of digital prints and collages that represent the collective idea of paradise. Traditionally, paradise is seen as an environment and space of timeless harmony, and often used to market the Caribbean. However, in my installation, I challenge these traditional notions by creating overlapped compositions that offer alternative views, halfway narratives, and perspectives. These compositions are covered by a dense shadow of vegetation, inviting the audience to look beyond the surface and make connections between the imagery and their own experiences and perceptions of paradise. Through this installation, I aim to question the idea of paradise, particularly in the Caribbean region, and highlight the complexities and nuances of this concept in relation to the environment, culture, and politics.