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Paradis, 2018. digital photo collages 20 x 30 inches © Lionel Cruet, 2018. Image Lionel Cruet Studio


Paradis is a series of digital prints that originate from a juxtaposed, inverted image of a tropical canopy from the rainforest seen from below. The image has been treated with high contrast and printed, layered, in two opposite directions. Through the use of light and shadow, these prints aim to convey the complexity and beauty of tropical vegetation, while also highlighting the fragility and vulnerability of these ecosystems. The series also reflects on the loss of beaches and coastal areas due to climate change and erosion, and how these changes are impacting the tropical environment and the communities that depend on it. The use of inversion and layering in the prints not only creates a sense of disorientation but also of the hidden beauty and fragility of the tropical environment.