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Reverb Space, 2018, interactive installation, multiple materials, metal tubes, strings, translucent fibers, blue tarp and sand, 96 x 96 x 96 inches © Lionel Cruet, 2018.

Reverb Space

Reverb Space, is a multi-sensory installation housed within a porous cube, inviting visitors to enter and engage with the sensory elements within. Each wall of the cube is equipped with sound-producing materials, such as musical instruments, allowing visitors to interact and play with the installation to create their own auditory experience. The floor is covered in sand, providing a textured surface for visitors to engage with. The translucent blue tarp ceiling colors the light within, creating a dynamic visual experience that interacts with the environment throughout the day. The installation is designed to challenge traditional notions of paradise and invites visitors to explore the complexities and nuances of this concept through interactive sound, texture, and light.