Rhizophora Rhizophora ii Rhizophora iii

Lionel Cruet, Rhizophora, 2021, audiovisual installation, paper, wire, sand and clay, 230Hx 210W x 240L appx. © Lionel Cruet 2021. Image courtesy of Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de Quito


Rhizophora, is an audiovisual installation, which uses video, sound and lighting projection to generate an atmosphere similar to those seen in coastal communities and within the mangrove ecosystem. The installation is made up of materials such as paper, wire, acrylic paint and clay, most of which are of organic origin. It is positioned over an island of sand and the ramifications of the piece extend highlighting elements such as figures that reference the fauna and flora of this ecosystem. Rhizophora (2021) is the result of an artistic research project inspired by the disappearance of mangroves, and the tensions that are created around these ecosystems locally and globally. This project is based on the artist's interest in understanding and reflecting on the functions of the mangrove that inhabits the tropical and subtropical coastal areas of the planet and that occupies “two worlds”: land and water. The installation has an immersive and participatory aspect where the audience is invited to enter the work and observe from different points of view.