Untitled Untitled

Lionel Cruet, Untitled, 2022,video archive MP4, 1920 x 1080 resolution, 3 minutes, 905 MB © Lionel Cruet 2022. Image courtesy of Lionel Cruet Studio


Untitled, is a video that originates from an animation of a color-coded map that displays a progression of changing global surface temperature anomalies from 1880 through 2018. Untitled are closeup details of this animated video and overlaps the color coded progression throughout the years. In both the original video animation and in Untitled, the higher than normal temperatures are shown in red and lower than normal temperatures are shown in blue. The final frame represents the global temperatures 5-year averaged from 2014 through 2018. Global temperature anomalies from 1880 to 2018 by NASA Climate Change.